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Simple, Scalable Document Process Automation Tools.

The DoxaScan family of document process automation tools helps automate your document workflows with ease. Complex tasks are made simple by intuitively secure and accelerate documents throughout your organization.

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DoxaScan Composer <abbr class='c2c-text-hover' title='Portable Document Format'>PDF</abbr> composition and document assembly software

DoxaScan Composer Base

Easily import PDF, Image, and Word documents into an easy-to-use environment to securely annotate, create searchable PDF files, and assemble your documents. Seamlessly integrate with desktop scanning applications.

DoxaScan Composer with annotation, classification, <abbr class='c2c-text-hover' title='Robotic Process Automation'>RPA</abbr>, indexing and secure document encryption

Composer Base + Barcode

A simple-to-use tool to automate your file naming, storage, indexing, and document capture into EMR/EDR, document management. Or other secure storage environments. Whether you are extracting metadata for file naming, splitting or routing, DoxaScan Composer easily integrates this information into your environment.

DoxaScan Composer Privacy Auditor, Privacy Redaction for PII data

Base + Barcode + Privacy Redaction

With DoxaScan Composer- Privacy and Redaction, work in a network or cloud environment. Composer’s Privacy Inspector detects potential document content that may require privacy data redaction.

DoxaScan Composer Product Information

DoxaScan Composer 1d/2d barcode splitting, file naming, file sizing, image enhancement and document assembly software

DoxaScan Composer Key Features & Benefits

  • DoxaScan Composer Intuitive Main User Interface
  • Read 1D or 2D barcodes (including QR codes) for splitting, file naming, routing and more
  • NEW confidence based barcode recognition
  • Automate file naming and folder creation
  • Preview page splits and validates barcode reading and settings
  • Data mine for text found anywhere within your document using Regular Expressions or OCR
  • Create barcode separation pages or add them to existing pages. Composer will even search for open white space for automated placement
  • Remove Personal Identity data like Emails, SSN’s, Credit cards and more
  • Inspect documents for Personal Identity Infractions
  • Clean up images to increase accuracy and reduce storage needs
  • Use barcodes to create PDF bookmarks
  • Convert between TIFF and PDF formats to standardize your file formats
  • Secure your PDF files with Digital Rights Management

Understanding Barcode Recognition, Text Mining and OCR Features

Improve OCR with DoxaScan’s Cleanup Functions. Barcode recognition, text mining and OCR functions provide DoxaScan Composer with powerful tools to find and extract valuable information from your documents. DoxaScan Composer can search for standard 1D and 2D barcodes to extract information to split, name and route files. Most commonly, barcodes are used to provide index information. As with barcodes, OCR technology can simplify processing of the scans or files. These technologies minimize data entry and make automated processing possible. The information can be easily shared with your document management or EMR system. DoxaScan provides sophisticated image cleanup and enhancement features too. Cleaner images mean better OCR accuracy and customer search and retrieval. 
DoxaScan Composer metadata indexing, data capture and forms processing software

Indexing Features

With DoxaScan capture index data at the document’s point of entry into your workflow. DoxaScan provides a flexible environment allowing users to set up various indexing configurations. These customizable job menus or profiles help capture critical document properties for use in any database system through direct (MS-Access, SQL Server, ODBC), CSV, or XML interface options. Advanced users employ regular expression (Regex) scripts to eliminate improper field indexing by defining rules for the index content.
DoxaScan Composer indexing panel for clean data import into your database

Use barcode data or OCR for automated file naming and populating index fields.

DoxaScan Composer bar code splitting with folder and file naming

File Naming, Splitting, Bookmarking, and Routing Features

Easily split files at barcodes with DoxaScan Use highly reliable barcodes to automate the file splitting of your documents. Simply check the Split at Barcodes checkbox and additional options to tell the system to start looking for barcodes. DoxaScan creates new documents whenever appropriate barcodes are encountered. You have the ability to define which barcode types to look for. If your documents don’t have barcodes, learn about our free barcode tool. Instead of splitting the file based on the barcodes, you can elect to insert bookmarks and keep the scanned stack as one file. Barcode to PDF bookmark can let you create a single file such as a complete patient record. Where the user can jump to bookmarks such as clinical notes, prescription orders, lab results, and more. Or, use the barcode data to name and identify routing needs to Windows folders. Files can be automatically placed in a folder that is named using any barcode data, scan date or time, and more. OCR text mining technology can also be used to name and route files. Zonal OCR “reads” text from a specified zone on the document and extracts that text for indexing and file naming. Use Regular Expressions to capture precise OCR data for indexing, naming and splitting too.
DoxaScan Composer bar code with bookmarks
DoxaScan Composer Image Cleanup for Increased Accuracy and Readability

Image Cleanup for Increased Accuracy and Readability

And did we mention that DoxaScan can enhance and clean up the images? Basic clean and enhancement functions such as deskew, despeckle, auto-rotate, remove blank pages and remove lines increase the accuracy and reliability of the information extracted from the scans.

Accuracy is further improved with DoxaScan’s advanced cleanup functions. Adaptive thresholding assists in cleaning “dirty” documents or documents that have a colored background which interferes with the foreground data. Learn more cleanup with.

DoxaScan Composer Cover Page or Separation Sheet Flexibility

Cover Page or Separation Sheet Flexibility

While users have long been able to create a barcoded cover or separation sheets for file routing, naming and splitting purposes and Batch includes a free tool for just that, Scan Separator. This function has been improved with DoxaScan Composer and users can now place barcode data that is common to a stack of papers on a “master” cover sheet and then use subsequent cover sheets throughout the stack to provide more information. With this flexible feature, you may want to store the location or routing of files in the”master” cover page barcode and use single barcoded pages for splitting and file naming. In the illustration below, the “master” cover-sheet in each of the stacks contains routing information to direct the files to the appropriate folder and sub-folders and the subsequent cover sheets split the stack into files and names them. Our example could route the first stack of tax information to the file system as John Doe/2014/Income and the files could be named rentalhouse1.pdf and rentalhouse2.pdf. 

This is set up by selecting the Duplicate the Cover Page checkbox and identifying the expected number of barcodes. If cover pages lack the expected number of barcodes, DoxaScan creates a ‘Not Filed’ folder in naming configurations.


Setting Security and Digital Rights

If you require security or protection of your source documents, you can elect to save them to the PDF format and apply Digital Rights Management (DRM). Regardless of the source document format, the files can be saved to PDF and have security measures applied.

DoxaScan Composer setting for Security and Digital Rights Management (DMR)

Free Tools Included with DoxaScan Composer

Free Tools Included with DoxaScan Composer
DoxaScan Compara Simplify your image review and conversion needs with our free Compara software to compare/publish differences in your PDF and scanned TIFF image files. This separate software application is included at no charge with ImageRamp PDF Composer.
Scan Separator Create barcode cover sheets with this free tool.

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