Annual Maintenance (ImageRamp Batch Professional Edition)


The ImageRamp™ Batch family of products provides simple, flexible and intuitive solutions that are ideal for your batch document capture needs. Scaled to meet your budget and requirements, Batch is designed to process your documents scanned to folders from any document scanner or MFP device to a folder. Let Batch handle your document conversion and processing needs. Or Batch works with existing electronic PDF files captured through PDF print streams or from any other text-based source. Let us understand your processing needs and we can quote the exact product and product level needed for your workflow.

With ImageRamp PDF Composer easily import PDF, Image, and Word documents into an easy-to-use environment to securely annotate, redact, encrypt and assemble your documents. Composer’s Privacy Inspector detects potential document content that may require privacy data redaction. File Naming and Separation based on barcodes adds additional automation of document tasks with the Pro edition. Seamlessly integrate with desktop scanning applications like Fujitsu ScanSnap Manager. Includes free image comparison tool. Contact us with your specific requirements.


  • Watch 1 folder
  • PDF bookmarking
  • Split on barcode contains
  • Split on barcode Regex pattern
  • 1D and 2D barcodes
  • Remote software setup
  • Zone OCR Support
  • Export CSV of barcodes
  • PDF File Encryption and Digital Rights
  • FTP support
  • Autorotation
  • Assign profiles to watched folders
  • Includes ImageRamp PDF Composer for assembly and privacy redaction

  • Watch up to 12 folders
  • Includes ImageRamp PDF Composer for assembly and privacy redaction
  • Unattended running as a Windows service
  • Autostart on reboots without logging in
  • Priority support
  • Email notifications on restarts
  • Database Indexing
  • Email notifications on memory issues
  • Restart on crash and memory issues
  • Emails you with details of crashes restarts or other problems
  • Registers with the Windows events log
  • All the functions listed above for Batch Standard
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Download our most popular solution for your document processing needs. You’ll get ImageRamp Batch, ImageRamp PDF Composer, and three fully functioning FREE tools to produce OCR‘d PDF, create barcode separation sheets, and validate barcode splits. Download now.

ImageRamp™ Batch provides unattended folder watching and conversion, OCR, image clean-up, barcode splitting, data-mining, automatic file and folder naming, and much more. Three free tools are included. Scan Separator creates barcode coversheets. OCR2PDF is an OCR processing tool for converting up to 10 pages into intelligent and searchable PDF format. Barcode Validator verifies splits and settings of your barcode split pages.

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