DoxaScan Composer Professional


Easily import PDF, Image, and Word documents into an easy-to-use environment to securely annotate, create searchable PDF files, and assemble your documents. Seamlessly integrate with desktop scanning applications.

A simple-to-use tool to automate your file naming, storage, indexing, and document capture into EMR/EDR, document management. Or other secure storage environments. Whether you are extracting metadata for file naming, splitting or routing, DoxaScan Composer easily integrates this information into your environment.

DoxaScan Composer Professional – Base + Barcode


  • DoxaScan Composer Intuitive Main User Interface
  • Data mine for text found anywhere within your document using Regular Expressions or OCR
  • Convert between TIFF and PDF formats to standardize your file formats
  • Secure your PDF files with Digital Rights Management


  • Read 1D or 2D barcodes (including QR codes) for splitting, file naming, routing and more
  • NEW confidence based barcode recognition
  • Automate file naming and folder creation
  • Preview page splits and validates barcode reading and settings
  • Create barcode separation pages or add them to existing pages
  • Composer can search for open white space for automated placement
  • Use barcodes to create PDF bookmarks